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Education abroad - a requirement today

Today, no one would argue that a good education - is the key to the door to a successful future, a good job and a comfortable life. In a globalized world, and interpenetration of cultures, studying abroad is becoming increasingly popular and relevant. World economic community and multinational companies need professionals who can apply their knowledge and skills in any country of the world.

Every year foreign universities and colleges to increase the number of programs that train professionals to work in accordance with modern requirements of close cooperation.

Aquavita Study was launched in 2014 as a sub-company of Aqua Group in 2014 to provide an all-round educational service. Aqua Group is a leading company in Ukraine and consists of maritime agency Aqua Service and travel agency Aquavita Tour that started its activity in 1993. It was dedicated to providing full range of travel services for corporate clients and individuals. For the moment, being an Aqua Group of companies’ member, Aquavita Study has its representatives in 6 offices in the key business Ukrainian cities – Kiev, Odessa. Its scope of services covers air-tickets issue, hotel reservation, car rental, railway tickets, visa support, insurance and study abroad.

Because of strong demand for educational programs from our customers we have decided to extend the range of our services such as education abroad. Aquavita Study is providing services that help Ukrainian students to use all possibilities of studying abroad. We offer undergraduate and graduate programs, language courses, boarding schools, as well as internships to our clients.

Aquavita Study proffers quality services to juniors (5 - 16 years old), graduates (16  -17 years old), students (17 - 25 years old) and adults (25 years and older). Our agency sends students to many countries all over the world, including the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Czech republic, Poland, South Africa and others.

Educational advisers of Aquavita Study supply accurate information about the programs to prospective students, work on booking application process, advise them about visa requirements, assist with visa applications and travel arrangements, keep up-to-date on program developments, etc.


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